Recently, I was doing a little bit of browsing on and came across this video. It shows a few points about how Social Media has can and has had an impact on people.  I wanted to share it with y’all and see if y’all were as astonished after viewing it as I was.


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  1. Meghan!! I love this video. I used it as one of my PR connections for social media too! I first viewed it in Professor Nixon’s PR research class and loved it. It is pretty amazing the facts that they put in the video. I was so impacted by the video when I thought of a PR connection this video is exactly the one I thought of. I made sure I went on youtube and found it. It really shows how social media is in fact a revolution and not just a fad. People always think that social media is going to fade away, but in all honestly how can something fade away that has become such a part of so many people’s everyday life. I am glad that you found the video too and are spreading the word of how cool of a video it is!

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