Kell on Earth and Pop Culture’s View of Public Relations

Many people determine their attitudes about the public relations field by what they see being portrayed by pop culture through both television and movies. In the past, many television shows have showcased the “world of the public relations practitioner.” A few shows or movies that pop into my head are Sex in the City, Criminal Minds, Wag the Dog, Hitch, Thank You for Not Smoking and so many more.

The newest television series based on the PR field is Bravo’s new reality show Kell on Earth, which follows the fabulous Kelly Cutrone, who is the founder and co-owner of People’s Revolution and her staff. Airing on Bravo on Monday nights, the series takes a glimpse into the world that is known as Fashion PR. Only one episode has been released so far. With the round the clock schedule, high pace life, and the fact they are performing a different task for each of their clients its easily recognized from this episode that the public relations field is a crazy one. One in which the practitioner must take on many roles. Attracting not only the fans of the public relations industry, but all fashionista’s as well I think that this particular show will get more viewers than shows from the past.

As a PR student the two things that I took away from the first episode of the show is the importance of timing and organization when it comes to events and your company. Making sure that once tasks are divided up among your employees you should then have a board or task sheet where it is written on. I also recognized just how important timing is to planning events. Sometimes, like in this particular episode some, things beyond our control mess up at the last second. If they would have completed the task, in this case the seating chart, the day before the event then they would have been able to fix the problem without the client knowing.

Will this be good for the PR Industry?

            I think only time will tell. I was once told that around the same time that a popular TV series, portraying the public relations industry, receives a lot of fame…colleges who offer a degree in public relations usually sees a rise in the amount of people majoring in public relations.  However, I do think that this series will give a more in depth look at just one of the hats that public relations practitioners wear and show the world that what we do is worth hiring for.



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6 responses to “Kell on Earth and Pop Culture’s View of Public Relations

  1. Mackenzie

    Meghan, I agree with you! It’s hard to tell from just the first few episodes how Public Relations will be portrayed, but so far I think this show is a lot more right on, than others have been. The show shows different parts of PR than just the simple party and fabulous events with celebs. It shows what happens behind the scences, and the work that goes into all these “fabulous events.” Hopefully this show will give an insight into a pinch of what Public Relations actually is, because it’s not all fun and games!

  2. Public Relations professionals will gain more respect for their careers due to these reality shows. I think PR professionals aren’t credited as much as they should be since they aren’t always in the “limelight.” Reality shows such as this one gives viewers a “behind the scenes” of what being a public relations professional and student consists of, which is not always a glamarous job. But, that is what so great about being in PR is that there is no typical day.

  3. candicehall

    Meghan, I like your blog. I especially love the show you talked about in this post, Kell on Earth! I think this show does a really great job of accurately portraying the Public Relations profession. Although Kelly Cutron is dealing with fabulous clients, I think the series shows people what PR people really do. I’m sure you know as well as I do that a lot of people have the wrong ideas about public relations. Some think we are liars, skewing the truth in the interest of a company while others think we are teh news anchors on CNN. It always drives me crazy when people hear PR and have no clue what we really do. I think Kell on Earth really does show what we do in an accurate way. And lets hope public relations doesn’t get any more popular because of this series.. we have enough competition as it is! Great blog!

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  5. I love Kell on Earth! I first started following her from the television show The Hills when Lauren Conrad and some other girls on the show started working for her. I like the way she handles situations. It is pretty much get it done or get out. I feel like it is a good look into the PR world. It seems fast paste, which is something that I think I would like. Another observation is that a person in PR may want to make sure that they have pretty tough skin before entering into something as intense as Public Relations for the fashion world. I really like your comment also about how schools with PR programs see a growing amount of students in the field. I don’t know if that is a good or a bad thing for us. More competition? Or an industry that is continuingly growing that we want to be a part of.

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