Week 4: Social Media Definition

Adam Vincenzini asked on Twitter and on his blog for people to share their definitions of “social media” with him, in 140 characters or fewer. Read through the list of definitions that were shared with Adam. Pick a few that resonate with you and discuss why these definitions “work” for you. Develop your OWN 140-character definition of social media.

As I approach my graduation date in May the word change is something that not only excites me, but also scares me at the same time. President Obama centered his entire presidential campaign on the same word. Change is something that is a scary thing for a lot of people. That is why I liked the definition that Trevor Young gave about social media. He said that “Social media is a catalyst for change – change in the way we connect with each other, change in the way businesses communicate with the world.” This change has opened many doors for the business world. Long gone are the days when you simply called the company to complain about something or give them praise. Now people are turning to their own social media outlets to do this. Letting not only the companies know, but also the masses.

Patti Schom-Moffatt stated that “Social Media is a tool for engaging with audiences comprised of people you would be unlikely to come across on your own.” I like this response because let’s face it… It’s the truth. Many of the people that read your companies tweet or those follow your blog or that you yourself follow will never have the opportunity to meet face-to-face. That’s the beauty of these outlets. These outlets let you immerse yourself in the thoughts and ideas from people millions of miles away. Through social media outlets, people living across the country have the opportunity to change something while sitting in front of their computer at home.

One other post that I really liked was by Paulat Cirkle, which stated that “Social media is a voice for the masses, a voice of endorsement & a voice of dissent. The power lies simply in listening,” for the sheer fact that it points out that everyone has a voice. I know that the voting system here is America is supposed to be a place where everyone “has a voice”, but this system is taken advantage of.  I feel that through social media outlets I do have a voice. I can write my opinion about something and even if people don’t listen at least I said it and it will forever be “spoken” on the web.  

So, now for my own 140 word definition of social media… It’s a combination of the three above along with another idea that I have about the world of social media.  I believe that…

 “Social Media is a vehicle of change- a change in which people do business, communicate with each other, and connect with the masses. It allows a voice for the masses, a way of communication with people you may have never met in your life time, and a way for you to express your own thoughts and ideas and “listen” to others. A change that will forever affect the way we discover and relate to the world and the way that the world relates personally to us.”- Meghan Beytagh



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15 responses to “Week 4: Social Media Definition

  1. I like your definition, it covers all the different functions. Especially the way it “changes” everything!

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  3. I like your definition, because Social Media is a vehicle of change. It is radically transforming the way we live our lives, and our response as PR practitioners will help us to change the way we do business. Thanks for your insights!

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  5. Good opening and connection with President Obama’s speech. I also like the way pulled all three of the other definitions into one.

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  7. Brittany Maree

    I like the way you incorporated those three definitions into your own definition. Also, I found it interesting that you said that it was a communication between individuals, businesses and masses and that it was a way of listening to others’ thoughts and ideas.

  8. Kati Ann Wright

    I enjoyed your own personal definition of social media. The word “change” is one of the most exciting, yet scary words in my vocabulary as well. As we approach graduation, just know change can be for the better. You can and will do great things! 🙂

  9. Brittany Maree

    I like the way you incorporated those three definitions into your own definition. Also, I found it interesting that you said that it was a communication between individuals, businesses and masses and that it was a way of listening to others’ thoughts and ideas. I like your use of the word “change” in your definition because social media really has changed the way we communicate with others. We do not just call or text anymore, we talk to people on their walls or tweets. This is also how we keep updated on what our friends are doing. This is a great post about social media!

  10. jeffcarter3

    I agree with you on how the word change is scary. Sometimes I find myself as one of those people who are “set in their ways” and do not like to change. Also the overuse of the word by Obama in his campaign made the word just annoying to hear and even think about. But sometimes change is a good thing. Social media is slowly changing the way we communicate and gather our information. This is also changing the way companies get feedback from consumers. The crazy thing is that sometimes the consumer doesn’t even know they are doing it.

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