Benefits/Pitfalls of Social Media in the Job Search

I, like most college seniors who are graduating in May are starting that dreadful task of searching for a job. Many things have changed in the “job hunting world.” The traditional ways in which job seekers would search for jobs included looking in the classified section of their local newspapers or more recently on However, one tried-and-true way of search is networking. This is what social media sites offer job seekers of today. It offers people the opportunity to reach/communicate with people that they otherwise would most likely have not had a chance to know and with the economy the way it is, networking is one of the best ways to find people to fill job positions. Companies and job seekers have turned to places like, blogs, twitter, and Linkdin to not only post and search for job openings, but to also hire employees. Take Linkdin for example, many companies and individuals use Linkdin to search for jobs and can then look and see if any of their “friends” have a contact at the company.

Even though there are many advantages of using social media for looking for a job, there are also some disadvantages. Since social media allows for people to not be in one particular geographical location, having the chance to meet a potential employer face-to-face is not likely. I do understand that you could easily skype, but there is something about meeting someone face-to-face. You lose that “connection.” Also, sometimes people on social network sites don’t know individuals on a personal level. Again, take Linkdin for example, you can easily ask someone to be your friend on Linkdin and not actually know them and if you use these connections as a reference to a job, you again lose that “connection” with people which is the key in relationship building.


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