Reaction to Search Engine Visibility Using the Three-Progned Approach

Before reading this article, I was not aware of the different tactics that are used for search engines. The four different types of tactics include Paid search, Optimized Search, Reputational Search, and Social Search. The last two, reputational and social are geared more towards the public relations professional. While paid search’s are controlled by marketers and optimized by technologists.  

Reputational and Social searches have broadened the scope of reach by the companies. With these two types of search tactics, social media is now entering the realm of focus by consumers. I know that I myself have used these in the past. Recently, I was “google searching” for a green necklace and the sites that I ended up getting information from were people’s blogs. I could not only get information about purchasing the product, but also consumer comments about the different necklaces. The report stated 5 steps to becoming more visible online. I thought that these steps were really important and useful to the PR practitioner.

  • Research- Know how people search online and how they talk online and work to ensure that programs (both Reputational Search and Social Search) use the right discoverable language. 
  • Teamwork- Although Reputational and Social Search programs can be managed by PR professionals on their own, it’s important to do so in the context of the overall search engine visibility mix.Therefore, it’s key to work with others in your organization that are executing other search marketing programs. 
  • Planning-Reputational and Social Search programs take time and effort to develop quality content and networked relationships. With ample planning, companies can guide the success of these programs while minimizing risk.
  • Experimentation- While SEM and SEO typically are managed by others, there’s no reason why they couldn’t be used in a public relations context. Paid Search, for example, is the fastest way to build awareness in a crisis situation where there’s no time to lose.
  • Benevolence- Finally, Google knows if you’ve been bad or good. The more you create value online and others recognize you for doing so, the more you will be able to build a sustainable and visible online presence for both your “hub” and your “spokes.”

What surprised me the most was how there is already so much information about the different keywords already on different sites. Using google, you can easily find how many times differnt keywords are used and by which search engines. I think its interesting just the emense technology that are at the disposal of companies today. With that stated, I would like to know the use of this technology in regards to “big business” versus “small business”. I wonder if smaller business not only know about these products, but also how to use them in order to help their businesses during these difficult economic times.


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  1. Brittany Maree

    I was also suprised at how much information was out there about different key words on websites. It is crazy to think how much technology has grown and how much we are able to do now. I never thought social media would have become such a large part of a company’s advertising and marketing. In reponse to your comment about big business vs. small business, I have seen a lot of smaller companies, as well as big companies using search engine visibility, which suprised me some. I did not think smaller businesses would have utilized it as much. Your response was interesting.

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