What do I Wear on a Job Interview??

Skirt? Pants? Dressy? or Casual? The night before a job interview, these might be just some of the questions going through your mind. How you present yourself and your appearance at a job interview is very important! Whether you think its right or wrong, we are all judged on our appearance and this includes our clothes. About.com even lists “dressing inappropriately” as the second top interview plunder.

 What you will choose to wear on your interview will depend entirely on where you are interviewing. If you are going to a professional interview than the safest route to take is dressing conservatively and pay attention to details. However, do a little bit of investigating and see what people at that organization wear to work. You don’t want to be over-dressed or under-dressed for the interview. The potential employer might think that you don’t really care about the interview and thus the job. I’m not suggesting that you go out and spend a lot of money on clothes. For women, a simple pencil skirt, button-up white shirt, and a pair of pumps will look great. You guys out there can wear a pair of khaki’s and a button-up shirt.  However, don’t forget about a suite. This is perfect for both men and women.

Qintcarrers.com lists a few points for both men and women. Included in these points are to make sure you have:

  • clean and polished conservative dress shoes
  • well-groomed hairstyle
  • cleaned and trimmed fingernails
  • minimal cologne or perfume
  • no visible body piercing beyond conservative ear piercings for women
  • well-brushed teeth and fresh breath
  • no gum, candy, or other objects in your mouth
  • minimal jewelry
  • no body odor

By keeping these tips in mind, you should be “dressed for success” and remember that in a job interview you are ultimately trying to sell yourself. Below are a few examples that picture appropriate clothing for both men and women.



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4 responses to “What do I Wear on a Job Interview??

  1. mspille1

    What to wear in everyday life can be tricky enough. I can’t even imagine how frustrating it will be to figure out what to wear to an interview! Interviewers can have so many quirks when it comes to a person’s appearance. I remember when I wrote about this blog, something that stood out to me was the underlying details of your shoes. It said your shoes reflect who you are to your interviewer. If your shoes are scratched and in poor condition, it will give the impression that you do not take care of yourself and your possessions. Whether it’s true or not, don’t forget to pick out a pretty pair of shoes just in case!

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  3. Hi Meghan!
    Wow, your blog is Awesome!! You have really mastered the “blogging” skills. I might need you to head on over to show me how to organize my blog like yours…it is Very Nice!! Anyways, I read your blog about what to wear to an interview. You included some great information that was very useful. I have never thought to do research online to help you determine what you should wear to an interview. Looking at the company’s website to see what people are wearing in company pictures was brilliant. I knew that you should always do research on the company before you go to an interview, but never thought to look at the pictures for a suggestive way to dress. Thanks for the tips! I will be using that one! -Kristin

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