Podcasting has become a very popular form of social networking and can be contributed to the dawn of the iPod. But what are podcasts exactly? Podcasts are a series of audio or visual files that are distributed over the internet. They are a lot like television shows or a radio broadcast because podcasts can be syndicated and you can subscribe to listen to them. However, you can download them and listen/watch them at any time.

There is a lot that goes on behind the scenes of publishing a podcast. You have to decide what it will be about and then you need to develop shownotes. Shownotes are scripts that are used in order to make sure that your episodes stay on track. You also want to make sure that any music that you use is royalty-free and to give credit that you give the author credit.

Many companies are using more modern tools like podcasts in order to reach their audiences. It provides a very direct and consumer-oriented way to connect to your audience. Podcasts offer business a way to connect and listen to their consumers instantly and it also gives them a chance to answer these concerns on a later show. Because many companies are using podcasts in order to communicate to their consumers, public relations students should learn how to utilize this technology. It would be wise for public relations students to listen to podcasts that are produced by public relations professionals in order to better understand what the trends are out in the working world. Also, when you subscribe to listen to these podcasts, you are enhancing your presence and knowledge about the social networking world. I believe that this technology is only in its beginning stages and that this is something that we as graduating seniors will use a lot throughout our career.



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3 responses to “Podcasts

  1. jeffcarter3

    Podcasting may be the future of getting out information to the masses. Not only does it offer a cheaper alternative to radio, it also offers a broader reach. Creating the show notes for a podcast can be the most tedious thing about podcasting. While it is helpful to your listener it creates a headache for the creator. That is my opinion though. I agree with you that Public Relations students should not only learn how to produce podcasts but also listen to them regularly. This will allow them to think of new ideas in creating podcasts in the future. Great post.

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  3. I completely agree. Podcasting can be the future. As Jeff said it is a cheaper way then radio and for the masses. I am glad that in my social media class that we have had an opportunity to work with podcasts. With this experience we will all be able to go into the PR world and if we need to make a podcast. The chances are that we will need to because it is such a growing technology.

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