PR Open Mic

PROpenMic is a social networking site that caters to public relations students, faculty, and practitioners. The site offers a variety of applications that are helpful to all three audiences. Some of the applications that are offered on the site include a list of blogs, forums, a place to upload videos and photos, a job /intern search section, and a place for you to connect with other people either practicing or studying within the public relations field. Similar to Twitter and Linkdin this site is geared towards the people who are studying, teaching, and practicing within the public relations field. I have heard a lot of great responses to this site from classmates. The most helpful tool seems to be the networking aspect of the site. Specifically offering students and recent graduates the chance to find and ask practitioners questions and receive answers quickly.  Even though this site is similer to other social networking sites, overall it’s a great resource for the people and firms within the public relations industry.

I have recently become a member of this site (MeghanBeytagh) really because of this class. However, I have found it very useful. I was looking through some of the different blog posts that were available on PROpenMic and found that were not only enjoyable, but also informative and helpful. Also, with the economy the way it is, this site offers a change to network and search for both jobs and internships. I found that this aspect of the site in particular is something that I was very interested in. Like myself, both students and recent graduates entering the public relations field will find this portion of the site very useful.



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4 responses to “PR Open Mic

  1. Mackenzie

    I am really glad we were asked to use PR Open Mic. I really think it is something, as Public Relations majors that we should take advantage of! It’s cool to me to see so many people using PR Open Mic, that can relate to us, as a students. I really enjoy reading their blogs and relating it to what we are learning in our classes. I also love seeing things that professionals, in areas that I aspire to work in, are doing. It’s a really awesome and benefical way for all of us to relate and network with one another. I agree with you as well, I love the Intern/Job way I think it’s an awesome way to help out other PR Professionals and students!

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  3. smcclou3

    I’m glad that you went over what PR Open Mic was. I have one and I don’t use it. I honestly thought that it was something only Georgia Southern had so I wrote it off. Now I think I might begin to use it. I think I could use the blogs to find answers to my questions or provide a different perspective on something related to public relations and marketing. It’s really nice to have a social media site that is dedicated to solely to our profession. It’s like a public relations linkedin. While typing this response I went to the website to look at blogs and it had me sign in. the first time I had both my password and email wrong, the second time I had just my password wrong. I like this site for the simple fact that it told me which one was wrong.

  4. Brittany Maree

    I have mixed feelings about PROpenMic. I find it useful when I need a response to a question or problem. However, I think it is similar to Facebook. There is alot of useful information that can be found on the site. It is also another good way to network and make connections with potential employers. I think it is a great tool to get to know what employers are looking for in potential employees. This can be especially useful for college students who are about to enter the PR world. I do not know if I will personally use it as much as others do simply because I like to use other sites, like LinkedIn, for these purposes.

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