Is Toyota a Google Blunder?

I recently came across a Newsweek article about the Toyota Recall. One thing that shocked me while reading the article was that when you now Google Toyota, the first thing that comes up are stories about their recent recall. This is an example of both a public relations and social media disaster. This incident will forever haunt them on the web. This article included an interview that Newsweek writer Matthew Phillips and Gene Grabowski, chair of crisis and litigation practice at Levick Strategic Communications had and I thought that he had some great advice to offer Toyota. One piece advice in particular stuck out to me and it had to do with search optimization. Garbowski stated that “They need to own words and phrases like Toyota sucks and Toyota fails. There’s a lot of negative and pejorative stuff out there and they seem to be doing a decent job of directing things to their website and controlling the flow of information.” While there hasn’t been any effort for Toyota to do this, it seems that the company might be considered one of the biggest public relations and google blunder of our decade.


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  1. I was wondering if you would address this PR blunder. I believe that while in deed Toyota had a terrible time with these recalls because it was a big mistake they did a great job of turning it around. It was indeed the talk of the town, so to speak, for awhile there, but they addressed the issue correctly. At first I feel like they really did not know what to do. Next there was a message from the United States President of Toyota addressing the issue. Finally came the commercials that were about the past and how great they had been. People make mistakes and Toyota did a great job of fixing them.

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