Comments on the Interview with Martin Waxman

Watch my interview with Martin Waxman. Use the three-pronged approach to react to the interview. What does Martin have to say about the need for traditional PR skills?

What did you learn?

After watching this video, I learned a lot about Mr. Waxman whom is the president and co-founder of Palette Public Relations Inc. This is a public relations firm that is located in Canada.  The firm represents many big clients from both the United States and Canada. The company was founded on 3 pillars.

  1. Simplicity-They wanted to make both their clients lives and their lives easier.
  2. Energy They don’t give up until they get results
  3. Integrity The firm is always up front and honest. With the dawn of social media, Mr. Waxman found that this one was crucial to his company’s presence on the web.

Mr. Waxman is very involved with the PR world. Besides his work at Palette, he also teaches at a local college on occasion and is involved in a joint-podcast too. The podcast which is titled Inside PR covers PR and social media and combines a few well-known PR practitioners. You can watch it on I also learned what his firm looks for when hiring in regards especially in regards to the social media world.

Mrs. Nixon and Mr. Waxman also discussed monitoring social media. Specifically, companies now contacting or replying to customers on social media networks.

What surprised you?

 A few things surprised me about this interview. First, the fact that they represent such a wide verity of clients including companies who are located here in the United States. Secondly, the podcast in which Mr. Waxman is involved with. The people within the podcast usually record their part in separate geographical locations and then send it off to be combined. I thought that it was really neat to learn that you don’t have to record a podcast in a single location.

What do you want to know more about?

After watching this interview, I would really like to know more about Mr.Waxman’s company,Palette Public Relations Inc. Specifically the difference between a Canadian firm and one in the United States.



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5 responses to “Comments on the Interview with Martin Waxman

  1. kdwhigham

    I listened to this interview also. I was also surprised by the wide variety of clients they represented. I liked how he said as a guy he probably knew more about hair and makeup products than anyone else. lol. And like you, I also would like to know more about the company. I’ve browsed around his blog a little and it’s pretty interesting! You should take a took at it. I also would like to know more about the differences of a Canadian and US firm… I didn’t think much about that aspect before.

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  3. mbutle

    I love to hear advice from public relations pracrticioners that are practing int he field. I have never heard of Mark Waxman or his company before the interivew. Like you i was interested to learn more after hearing about his company. I want to run my own PR business one day also so I try to model myself after successful practioners such as Waxman. I also liked how Mrs. Nixon was able to interview Waxman, technology has come a long way.

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  5. Jeremy

    “I thought that it was really neat to learn that you don’t have to record a podcast in a single location.” Agreed. I like to see that Mrs. Nixon is teaching the class by example. We as a class are expected to create several technologically advanced projects for Social Media 3030. Mrs. Nixon has done a great job at making sure we don’t get left behind with all these new concepts. This must be especially hard as a professor to convey these messages without physically meeting in class. So, to me, this podcast legitimizes her overall message she is trying to convey to her students.

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