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At most universities, before you can complete your public relations degree you must do an internship. An internship allows you to have a firsthand account working within the public relations field while still obtaining college credits. I am doing my internship over this coming summer and have been “hired” at Abshire Public Relations and Marketing in Savannah, Georgia. One person that I talked briefly about internships with is named Kara. She interned at Abshire Public Relations and Marketing while she was obtaining her degree at Armstrong University and now works at Abshire Public Relations and Marketing. The other person that I have talked to about this is Brittany Cook who is a soon to be Georgia Southern University graduate and did her Public Relations internship last summer.  

Brittany told me that one of the hardest things about completing your internship is finding a location that will “hire” you. I know at Georgia Southern University, we have an “approved list” of locations and can also request a different location. One thing that does help with this process is networking!

 A lot of the people that I have talked to also told me that making sure that the place in which you do your internship is also very important. You want to make sure that your site/company fits your career goals. One example that was given to me was that if you want to do event planning and hate social media then getting an internship where you are doing nothing but working with social networking sites isn’t the place for you to go. One other thing that you want to be aware of is…”is the location is going to help me build your portfolio?” You want to be able to actually work and learn. Not just sit there and do nothing. These are just a few tips for completing a public relations internship. Good Luck!



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  1. ashleyprisfunrenfroe

    First off congrats on getting an intership…I’m actually still looking. Having a little trouble on getting people to get back with me…keep your fingers crossed that I find one :). I agree with networking. Social media is now the new way to network yourself, twitter, linkedin, facebook, myspace, the list goes on and on. Experience, for me, is what an internship is all about. Of course no one wants a job where all they do is sit around. That should be a time where you learn about your career and gain knowledge of the field. An intern should try and learn as much as possible, it could only benefit you in the future.

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  3. I enjoyed reading this post. I am trying to do an internship this year and this helps a lot. I like how you were very achieving in your advice with make sure that you can learn something out of the internship. Most people just do enough to get by and interning is a crucial time in a person’s learning experiences. I feel like any internship that I chose I should put all my effort into it because it will be the only on hand experience that I can put on a resume. People need to remember that as well. Internship are work experience on resumes and if people do an amazing job chances are the place of interning will give back an amazing recommendation!

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