Conflict Resolution Theory and the Tiger Woods Scandal

I’m sure that you are all aware of the “Tiger Woods Scandal” that broke back in November 2009. Well, his infidelities are still being talked about to this day. I have even read somewhere that there talk about a book or movie being produced based what he did.

When the story broke, many people were shocked that “golf’s golden boy” with the squeaky-clean image could do such a thing. Many other professional athletes have found themselves dealing infidelity scandals.  Tiger, had always maintained a relatively private existence for a celebrity. When the news broke, many people expected him to have some form of crisis management, but this wasn’t the case. Actually, in the three months that have passed since the news of his infidelities broke, his tactic has been to stay clear of the media. In February he broke his silence and held a press conference where he made a public apology.

Tiger’s situation, primarily his public apology offers us a clear example of the conflict resolution theory. This theory looks at how we respond to the conflicts that we are faced with. While there are many ways to perceive a conflict, this theory is focuses on someone’s interest not their position. Obviously, his interest is saving his career. Tiger has lost many endorsements and fans since this broke. Salvaging these are going to be key to cleaning his public image.


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