What Makes A Video “Go Viral?”

Throughout my study of the public relations field, I have found that the backbone of the public relations field is communication. Being able to communicate our clients message to their audience is what public relations is all about and there are many mediums that can be used to promote their messages. More “traditional” routs like newspaper ads and media kits can be used or you could use the more modern forms of blogs, podcasts, or videos in order to get your message across. These more modern forms of communicating are dependent of the audience/ online participation. This participation is vital to the success of a video going viral. Viral videos are videos that have become very popular and have gained a mass audience. The high number of audiences following the video is what makes it “viral” and when I saw a high number… Some of these video’s have been viewed millions of times and are known throughout our society.  Many of these videos are viewed and posted to YouTube.com. Some of my favorite videos that have gone viral tend to be humerous and based on a real life occurance. There are even videos that are made about the top viral videos of the year. Recently, I had the chance to make a “viral video” for this class and just producing it was a blast.

Listed below are a few of my favorite videos that have gone viral:

This particular version of this video has been viewed over 180 Million times. I actually heard about this video from my little brother. Word of mouth has made this video really popular.

This video was posted over 4 years ago and is still being viewed today. Recently, I walked in on my mother showing this video to my grandmother.

No matter what the video is, in order for it to “go viral” it needs to appeal to be able to appeal to a mass audience and have people talk about it.


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