Today, I went to a Career Services Workshop here at Georgia Southern University. Ms. Dorsey Baldwin led the workshop that was all about the social networking site LinkedIn. Wikipedia defines LinkedIn as a business-orientated social networking site.  When you join LinkedIn, set up your profile, which is pretty much a digital resume.  I started my LinkedIn account a few months ago. I have almost finished completing my profile and have 39 connections so far. With the economy the way it is, making connections within the business world is extremely important. LinkedIn allows you to connect with people who work at different business through your friends. These connections are a really big aspect of LinkedIn because they allow you to network with other people. These connections also allow you to find and connect with different businesses. Ms. Dorsey showed us this You Tube video in order to help better explain how to use these connections and better explain what Linked In is.

There are many other things that LinkedIn allows you to do. You can write recommendations about people and businesses and these places or people can also write recommendations about you. So far, I have two recommendations on my profile. I have one from one of my professors and the other is from a past employer. LinkedIn also allows you to find jobs that business have posted and possibly find someone who works at the company. This happens through your connections. One thing that I learned at the workshop that I wasn’t aware of was that if you have a LinkedIn account and google your name, your LinkedIn profile is the first thing that will pull up because it is so important and widely used. LinkedIn is so important that many business are looking at it during the hiring process and because of this many people who are hunting for jobs are adding their LinkedIn account to the top of their resumes.



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9 responses to “LinkedIn

  1. Brittany Maree

    That workshop sounded really interesting. I wish I would have been able to go. LinkedIn is a really cool website that I think definitely helps college students network and find potential jobs. After I created my page, I found many people from GSU and other places that I have met somehow. I did notice that there are many PR professionals on LinkedIn and I think it is important for current students to learn how to use this tool and I think everyone in PR should be doing. It is also a fairly easy site to use. It is not like some of the other websites that I have tried to use that I had no idea where to start or what to do.

  2. Jeremy

    I definitely agree, you have to make the connections. Although it gets to be a bit bothersome to apply to so many forms of social media, it seems as if it will pay off. Thirty nine connections is a great number, you’re way ahead of me. I also liked your video, it’s really informative and a great way to get started with LinkedIn. I thought it was really interesting how your LinkedIn profile is the first thing to come up when you type your name into Google. For some reason the first thing that comes up when I type my name into Google in my Facebook account. I’ll have to look into that.

  3. mspille1

    I’m so glad we ended up going to this workshop together. It helped me understand LinkedIn so much better than I had before! It is so important to network and make connections with people as much as you can. It is also a great idea that friends, family, professors and past employers can write a recommedation on your profile for you. I still need to work on mine some, but after that event, I at least feel more comfortable with it. Hopefully, we will have interested employers contacting us soon. Wouldn’t that be great?!

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  6. This was a very helpful post for me about LinkedIn. I have been on the site for awhile, but have not known all the applications that there were to discover. I did not know that you could get recommendations and post them on the site. This would be a great idea. I am glad that I am aware of this because now while I am still on campus I can ask professor for recommendations and post them on my account. Before I would have to wait for them to email me, but I would much rather have that personal affect when I walked into their office and had a discussion. Thanks for posting and not to mention the youtube video that went along with the post was super!

  7. brittlindsay

    LinkedIn is something I am behind on. I have an account, but I am not up to speed on it. It is great that you have 39 connections so far. You are right about having a wide range of connections. Having connections can land someone the job they have always wanted. You have encouraged me to stay in tune with my LinkedIn account and discover different connections. This is a good way to get people to look into my resume and see my strengths and possibly offer me a job when it comes time to graduate.

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