Shadow Project

Recently, in my senior seminar class, we were assigned to shadow someone within the public relations field. Once we had completed this we then had to do a presentation about our day to the class.

For this assignment, I had the pleasure of shadowing Kara Hooper. She works at Abshire Public Relations & Marketing which is located in Savannah,Georgia (this is where I am going to be doing my public relations internship in a few weeks). I had an amazing day! My day started off running a few errands and getting to know Kara . Some of the highlights of the day included when I was given the opportunity to help with some of their work for two current clients. The two clients that I got to do some work for was the town of Garden City and The Coastal Bank which is located in Pooler, Georgia. I got to help create an invitation for The Coastal Bank and write a press release for Garden City.

While I was shadowing, I found out a few interesting things about the public relations field. The thing that I found the most important was that your days are never the same in the public relations field. I also got to witness first hand the importance of the internet and email communication within the field. 

After getting a chance to spend a day at Abshire and get a peek at what a day is like in the public relations field, I am extremely excited about graduating and getting a chance to work in the field. I am also looking forward to completing my internship at Abshire Public Relations & Marketing.

Attached below is the Powerpoint presentation that I presented to my class:

Shadow Presentation



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12 responses to “Shadow Project

  1. Congrats on your internship! It’s good to know when you get a good internship where people want to show you things. I’m excited to be in a field where everyday is different.

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  3. candicehall

    Meghan, I really enjoyed your presentation in class about your shadowing experience. I thought it was so cool that you actually got to do stuff for them that they really used! Go You! I am going to be doing my shadowing tomorrow and I am a little nervous. I hope that I get to do fun stuff like you did during your shadowing. I think this is such a great experience for all of us to have. It shows us what real public relations professionals do on a day to day basis. I think we are beginning to see all the opportunities out there for us. As graduation nears we all have the hard task of deciding what exactly we want to do with this very versatile degree! Great blog! I’m glad you had fun!

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  5. allykup123

    This was such a fun post to read! I loved the powerpoint and all the information that you included in it. I had never heard of this Public Relations firm and was so excited to learn about it since it is so close to Statesboro. I would love to be able to shadow a fellow PR practitioner and learn all about the in’s and out’s of the field. It looks like you really got a lot out of being her shadow and that you learned a lot too! After reading this I cant help but think that I need to find someone that I can shadow so that I can start brushing up on my PR skills! Great post!

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  7. Jessica Cameron

    First, congratulations on your internship. I’ve had the pleasure of meeting Jennifer Abshire. I think she would be a lot of fun to work for. This is a cool assignment. I’m not in senior seminar but I think this gives you a good idea on what to expect when you begin your internship or even a job. It also gives you the opportunity to connect with at least one person in the public relations field which can jump start your networking. Good luck with your internship this summer! I know you have to be as excited as I am to be graduating in just 3 weeks!!

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  9. I think that your shadow project is great and am sooo excited to work with you at Abshire PR! Kara seems like a really great role model, especially in the public relations aspect. I think that the coolest part of your experience was that you got to write a press release and an invitation (great items to put into your portfolio). It seems like there is a good deal of writing which is great experience to increase our skills. It’s also really neat how the clients seem to be so diverse as you got to see in the day you were there so there is obviously a lot going on! Great post and can’t wait to start!

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  11. Sarah Kemp

    I really liked your shadowing post! You had an awesome presentation and it was very interesting to listen to all that you did while you were shadowing. I thought that it was a great idea that you were able to put your slideshow up on slideshare so that viewers can look at your presentation and follow along too! Also, it’s so cool that the company used your invitation ideas and the press release for their actual events in Sav! Those will be great items for your portfolio, and good luck with your internship there too! Congrats!

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