Dominos Video a Prank

Many people don’t understand the reach that social media has. As I have been saying a lot in the past months, social media has the power to reach millions of people all over the world. But, many people don’t understand the reach that social media has. I was recently sent a NYtimes article about Domino’s recent public relations crisis about how two employees at Dominos and this article just brought it all home. The article was about the recent YouTube video that was posted that had millions of people not only disgusted, but never going to Dominos again. The article discussed how while at work two of their employees decided to film a prank video in the kitchen. They then posted the disgusting video on Little did the two know the power of social media because a few days later the video had reached more than a million views and the two were also facing felony chargers.



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4 responses to “Dominos Video a Prank

  1. I remember when this domino scandal happened. Thanks for posting the New York Times article. I had not read this article, but I had seen the youtube video that was disgusting. I love that you addressed this issue. Dominos I believe has done a great job of really fixing their image after this happened. They have changed all their commercials and even the product that they deliver. I believe it has been a good change for them and that there Public Relations team really addressed the issue the best way that they could have. Great decision for one of your Public Relation posts!

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  3. MeghanSpillers

    I also remember when this happened! Mrs. Nixon showed it to us in our Intro to PR class. I was thoroughly disgusted! Not to mention, this video was on YouTube for at least two days (if I remember right) before the company noticed it. This is another pitfall of social media. You HAVE to know what is being put out on the Internet. The Dominos PR team definitely had their hands full with this scandal. However, I do think they did a good job managing this. It can be hard to rebuild an image once something bad happens, but a good PR team should be able to handle it!

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