Social Networks Keep Popping Up in My Classes

Throughout this semester, there has been one thing that keeps popping up in all of my public relations classes. What is it? It’s actually social networking. I guess it would only be fair to tell you that I am in a class that is all about social networking and public relations. However, it still keeps following me into my other pr classes.

Recently for my senior seminar class we were assigned the task of shadowing someone who works within the PR field and then present our experience to the class. During a lot of my fellow classmates’ presentations, I noticed the magnitude that these social networking sites have on the working world. Many of the professional that they chose to shadow were frequent users of these social networking sites like facebook, twitter, and blogs. Most of them used these sites on a daily basis.

So, I want to offer some advice to anyone looking to study the field of public relations… get acquainted with these sites!! I believe that social networking is going to be something that just becomes more and more common and important within the public relations curriculum.



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5 responses to “Social Networks Keep Popping Up in My Classes

  1. Jeremy

    This post really hits home for me. It seems like I subscribe to a new social network at least once a week. It was frustrating at first, but after a little practice, I think I’m getting the hang of it. The more I read others’ blogs, the more I find the consistent verdict; social media isn’t going away and the more you deny it, the quicker you’ll be left in the dust. I guess the hardest part about maintaining all these social sites is that I have no one reminding me that I have to, it’s all self-motivation. But I think self-motivation is good for college students; it’s good preparation for the future.

  2. Jessica Cameron

    Social networking sites are EVERYWHERE!! And now I am so thankful for them. I feel as if I just got an offer for an internship because of all my knowledge on social media. (Thanks to teachers at Georgia Southern). All those hours blogging and spending on Twitter have actually paid off. Maybe they do know what they are doing by getting us to become so active on these sites. Even in my advertising class we talked about social networking sites. My group (who consisted of 4 PR majors) was given the topic of LinkedIn to complete our big project for the semester. They are everywhere we look.

  3. mspille1

    The best advice I can offer anyone starting a public relations degree is to get comfortable and learn to like all the several types of social media that is out there! When I took Intro to PR, Twitter hadn’t even gotten big yet. I had no idea what the point of it was or even why people used it. Now, everyone from celebrities to businesses have an account. If you don’t like a particular social networking site, you might as well learn to use it and like it because more than likely, it will show up in a job at some point in your career. Social media sites seem to be here to stay for quite some time!

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  5. I LOVE this post because I completely agree with you!! Never in my life have I ever done more on the internet in my life. My knowledge from all these classes has expanded so much. You better believe I am still learning though, STILL! Your advice could not be better to make sure that any person is acquainted with these sites. I know I wish I was even though I use them all the time. It is funny because when I interviewed a Public Relation professional that was their advice to me. They said to know technology when coming into the PR field that is what stands out. So hopefully all of these classes will really turn out making some good for us!

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