The Father of Public Relations: Edward Bernays

Edward Bernays is known as the “father of public relations.” In my opinion, one of his greatest accomplishments were his advances in the development of propaganda. Years ago, many americans didn’t go and grab a cup of coffee in the morning or think that a typical American breakfast consisted on eggs and bacon, Bernays changed that. Bernays used his Uncle Sigmund Freud’s ideas to help convince the public of these ideas. Freud’s ideas  dealt with people’s unconscious, psychological motivations and Bernays applied them to the new field of public relations. He is also credited with opening the first public relations firm in New York City, teaching the first university course on the subject, and producing the first public relations book.

While I was looking through the other day, I came across this video on the “father of public relations.” This video is a clip from a BBC program that was produced about Bernays. It takes a look at the development of the public relations industry and gets Bernays thoughts on propaganda and public relations.


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