Guest Writer 2

Below is a post that my friend and fellow classmate Emily Roche posted and allowed me to share on my blog. Emily makes some really good points throughout her blog and I found her thoughts really interesting.  I encourage you to check out more of her posts at Thank you Emily for being my guest writer!

In the discussion the panelist discussed as the title clearly demonstrates is the social media something that people should adopt or something that should be put up for adoption.  Though the conversation was not always about this matter and would drift to a political side there were good points made by the panel.

Social media in fact can be a person’s friend. People as well as companies can use the social media as advertising. Companies can have a fan page and post different ads or even special offers for free. It is the best publicity that one can have and with no cost. They can also monitor what their customers are saying and wanting. By using social media monitoring companies can see complaints or praises and reward or fix problems that are happening in the company. All these items seem like a pretty good reason why businesses should be friends with social media. Students can even use social media to their benefit. Whenever something as homecoming comes around people are advertising for free on social media sites. This puts hanging up signs everywhere on campus to shame. I would be willing to bet that not that many people walk all around campus all the time. By the time a person is older they have a certain building that they pretty much live in. A student may not see a sign somewhere on campus, but they will whenever they log onto a social media site.

Social media can also not be a person’s friend. With jobs already being extremely competitive one picture on the internet that rubs a person’s potential job offer the wrong way could make them lose the job. Social media is a friend unless there people do not monitor it like they should. It is up to a person if they lose their good ole friend social media.


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