Viral Video

For my social media class, one of my assignments was to create a viral video for a chosen client and then post it to Two of my class mates, Micaela Carter & Kati Ann Wright, and I completed the video for the Communication Arts Department at Georgia Southern University.

While I was sitting in the lobby of the Communication Arts building today, I actually overheard a few people talking about my groups viral video and how funny it was.


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  1. Meghan,
    I posted the video into my blog as well. At first I thought, I hope this is appropriate, due to the fact that the rap song is well, not exactly edited. But we’ve all heard worse right? I got some feedback from the video as well. But I have not been in Veazy to hear people commenting on how funny this video is. That makes me laugh. Its so interesting to see what people will do right before summer break. I feel like they might not have “let loose” so much if it were the beginning of a school year. ha! Great Job!
    -Kati Ann

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