Social Networks Keep Popping Up in My Classes

Throughout this semester, there has been one thing that keeps popping up in all of my public relations classes. What is it? It’s actually social networking. I guess it would only be fair to tell you that I am in a class that is all about social networking and public relations. However, it still keeps following me into my other pr classes.

Recently for my senior seminar class we were assigned the task of shadowing someone who works within the PR field and then present our experience to the class. During a lot of my fellow classmates’ presentations, I noticed the magnitude that these social networking sites have on the working world. Many of the professional that they chose to shadow were frequent users of these social networking sites like facebook, twitter, and blogs. Most of them used these sites on a daily basis.

So, I want to offer some advice to anyone looking to study the field of public relations… get acquainted with these sites!! I believe that social networking is going to be something that just becomes more and more common and important within the public relations curriculum.



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Shadow Project

Recently, in my senior seminar class, we were assigned to shadow someone within the public relations field. Once we had completed this we then had to do a presentation about our day to the class.

For this assignment, I had the pleasure of shadowing Kara Hooper. She works at Abshire Public Relations & Marketing which is located in Savannah,Georgia (this is where I am going to be doing my public relations internship in a few weeks). I had an amazing day! My day started off running a few errands and getting to know Kara . Some of the highlights of the day included when I was given the opportunity to help with some of their work for two current clients. The two clients that I got to do some work for was the town of Garden City and The Coastal Bank which is located in Pooler, Georgia. I got to help create an invitation for The Coastal Bank and write a press release for Garden City.

While I was shadowing, I found out a few interesting things about the public relations field. The thing that I found the most important was that your days are never the same in the public relations field. I also got to witness first hand the importance of the internet and email communication within the field. 

After getting a chance to spend a day at Abshire and get a peek at what a day is like in the public relations field, I am extremely excited about graduating and getting a chance to work in the field. I am also looking forward to completing my internship at Abshire Public Relations & Marketing.

Attached below is the Powerpoint presentation that I presented to my class:

Shadow Presentation


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Today, I went to a Career Services Workshop here at Georgia Southern University. Ms. Dorsey Baldwin led the workshop that was all about the social networking site LinkedIn. Wikipedia defines LinkedIn as a business-orientated social networking site.  When you join LinkedIn, set up your profile, which is pretty much a digital resume.  I started my LinkedIn account a few months ago. I have almost finished completing my profile and have 39 connections so far. With the economy the way it is, making connections within the business world is extremely important. LinkedIn allows you to connect with people who work at different business through your friends. These connections are a really big aspect of LinkedIn because they allow you to network with other people. These connections also allow you to find and connect with different businesses. Ms. Dorsey showed us this You Tube video in order to help better explain how to use these connections and better explain what Linked In is.

There are many other things that LinkedIn allows you to do. You can write recommendations about people and businesses and these places or people can also write recommendations about you. So far, I have two recommendations on my profile. I have one from one of my professors and the other is from a past employer. LinkedIn also allows you to find jobs that business have posted and possibly find someone who works at the company. This happens through your connections. One thing that I learned at the workshop that I wasn’t aware of was that if you have a LinkedIn account and google your name, your LinkedIn profile is the first thing that will pull up because it is so important and widely used. LinkedIn is so important that many business are looking at it during the hiring process and because of this many people who are hunting for jobs are adding their LinkedIn account to the top of their resumes.


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Guest Writer 1

Below is a post that my friend and fellow classmate Kati Ann Wright posted and allowed me to share on my blog. Throughout Kati Ann’s blog, she makes some really good point and I thought that this post was amazing. I really liked her own definition about social media and enjoyed reading the other one’s she choose as well. I enourage you to check out more of her posts at Thank you Kati Ann for being my guest writer!

Most of us know what Twitter is. And if you’re reading this out there and don’t, you should. Basically, on twitter you can update your “status” to say anything you would like, but the catch is, it can only be up to 140 characters in length.  


Difficult at times? Yes! But, the key is to write only the most important and vital information. It’s just like a billboard. We all know that what an advertiser wants to say on a billboard, must be short, precise, and should be of some sort of importance to the reader. There’s only so much time before someone driving a car will pass a billboard, making it that much harder for an advertiser to figure out just how to word the meaning their trying to get across. It must be big and bold. Twitter has the same idea.  



  • An article my social media professor picked out to discuss this week is found on Adam Vincenzini’s blog post.  He posted as you will see on his site a request on Twitter for people of communication to come up with their own definition of “social media” in 140 characters. Here are a few of my favorite from the Vincenzini’s request.



  1. @leeodden Social media is technology that facilitates community & word of mouth. But what makes the social web work are the people

  3. @DannyBrown Social media is the human engine oil. It doesn’t matter if you’re a Mini or Mercedes, you get an equal shot to compete in the race

  5. @SuzieLin SM is all about interacting & engaging to build relationships. It allows the world to connect & facilitates the exchange of info & ideas.

  7. @BarbaraNixon Social Media provides a new way for us to listen to, learn from, laugh with, and (lol) even loathe each other.

  9. @lindsaydavies Social media is 21st century communication. It’s open, collaborative, shared, barrierless, informative, entertaining, rapid and evolving

Why did I pick these 5 out of the 140 others?  

leeodden hit the nail on the head when they stated it involves “community” and “word of mouth,” and its so true that social media would not exist if it were not for the people to back it up.  

DannyBrown defined social media in a very cute way that I felt was true for all of us. Whether were a beginner in social networking or a social networking genius, were all in it together.  

Suzielin defined social media based on relationships. I love this because its a way of interacting and building with one another to get ideas and information out there.  

BarbaraNixon, which just so happens to be my social media professor, I felt defined social media by pointing out the feelings we are all feeling. Frustration, happiness, and learning all in one, check yes!  

And lindsaydavies, what did this author’s definition of social media leave out? Nothing. She pretty much summed it up.  

Now after reviewing all of these definitions for social media I will have to conclude this topic with one of my own.  

katiannwright@SM is the daily necessity alongside my coffee. It tells me whats going on, who’s doing what, and I learn something new every time I log in!………How’s that?


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A Survival Guide to Social Media and Web 2.0 Optimization: Chapter 14

My social media class has been assigned to read the book  A Sur­vival Guide to Social Media and Web 2.0 Opti­miza­tion by Deltina Hay. This week, the reading assignment was over chapter 14. This chapter is about how to measure your sucess in the Socail Web. Listed below are a few of the things that I thought were the most important points in this chapter.

  • Know what it is that you want your social media strategy to accomplish. This will help you to measure your sucess
  • Define your goals clearly as you plan your strategy so you will have a way to measure your ROI easily.

Some goals that you might want to include are:

  • Increasing Website traffic
  • Driving sales and new business
  • Monitoring brand awareness
  • Improving customer relations
  • Managing reputation
  • Establishing credibility
  • Creating buzz
  • Improving public relations

These are some tools to help you measure your sucess:

Tools to help you measure:

  • Google analytics
  • Google alerts
  • Google trends
  • FeedBurner
  • Blog Statistics and tools
  • Technorati
  • Blog Pulse
  • Twitter Search
  • Postrank
  • Xinu

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A Survival Guide to Social Media and Web 2.0 Optimization: Chapters 11 & 12

If you’ve been following my blog, My class has been assigned to raed the book  A Sur­vival Guide to Social Media and Web 2.0 Opti­miza­tion by Deltina Hay. This week, my class was assigned to read chapters 11 & 12. This two chapters of the book offers the reader some important social media tools that can be used in order to pull it all together.  Listed below are a few of the things that I thought were the most imporant points in these chapters.

Chapter 11 Looks at Social Tools:

  • Social Calendars, these offere a great place for you to gain exposure to your audience. They allow you to post all of your upcoming envents and important dates. Google Calendars is one that I myself am familiar with.
  • Socail Pages, like Squidoo are similar to creating a page about yourself or your business, but instead you are creating a page about one particular topic. By doing this, you allow people the chance to search for either a particular topic or one person.
  • Wikis, Social Search Portals, &Virtual Worlds are a few other social tools that were mentioned.

Chapter 12 Looks at How to Pull it All Together:

  • The book gives 3 questions that determine if your website is optimized
  1. Can users interact with the content?
  2. Can visitors share the content easily with others?
  3. Does the site encourage collaboration?

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What Makes A Video “Go Viral?”

Throughout my study of the public relations field, I have found that the backbone of the public relations field is communication. Being able to communicate our clients message to their audience is what public relations is all about and there are many mediums that can be used to promote their messages. More “traditional” routs like newspaper ads and media kits can be used or you could use the more modern forms of blogs, podcasts, or videos in order to get your message across. These more modern forms of communicating are dependent of the audience/ online participation. This participation is vital to the success of a video going viral. Viral videos are videos that have become very popular and have gained a mass audience. The high number of audiences following the video is what makes it “viral” and when I saw a high number… Some of these video’s have been viewed millions of times and are known throughout our society.  Many of these videos are viewed and posted to Some of my favorite videos that have gone viral tend to be humerous and based on a real life occurance. There are even videos that are made about the top viral videos of the year. Recently, I had the chance to make a “viral video” for this class and just producing it was a blast.

Listed below are a few of my favorite videos that have gone viral:

This particular version of this video has been viewed over 180 Million times. I actually heard about this video from my little brother. Word of mouth has made this video really popular.

This video was posted over 4 years ago and is still being viewed today. Recently, I walked in on my mother showing this video to my grandmother.

No matter what the video is, in order for it to “go viral” it needs to appeal to be able to appeal to a mass audience and have people talk about it.

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